Since the end of July 2021, the Nice Metropolis has increased the premium for the purchase of an electric bike to € 400 (up to 25% of the value of the bike) and € 100 (50% of the price of the bike) for a classic non-electric bicycle.

No means test is required, you just need to reside in one of the 49 municipalities of the Metropolis and justify paying a tax in Nice (Housing tax or income tax notice).

The request is made only online on the platform:; allow between 1 and 2 months to receive the subsidy by transfer. For people residing outside the Metropolis, most large cities offer a variable subsidy depending on the municipality, and for those who do not have access, a state subsidy called “electric bicycle bonus”, allocated under conditions of resources and capped at 200 €, also exists; the latter can be viewed on the Service and Payment Agency (ASP) website by downloading the “BONUS VELO” form; this bonus can be combined with any territorial aid up to a limit of € 200 when the two are combined.